Joining Our Club

To join, simply attend one of our meetings as a guest. Guests are always welcome and made to feel at home. Please contact us to let us know you will be attending. Or RSVP as a guest using this link:

The only real restriction to membership is that you must be over 18 years of age.

The cost of a twelve month membership is $150 which covers dues levied by Toastmasters International as well as the McGill Toastmasters Club.

There is also a new member fee (one-time fee) of $50 which consists of:

-$30 to cover Toastmasters International processing charges and the cost of educational materials you will receive when you first become a member; and

-$20 McGill Toastmasters Club enrolment fee.

For this small fee, you will get:

  • To attend weekly meetings with fellow public speaking apprentices.
  • Refreshments at every meeting.
  • The Toastmasters monthly magazine.
  • A friendly supportive environment
  • Plenty of educational materials
  • The chance to interact with other clubs in joint meetings

Click here to download our Membership Application form.