The Toastmasters Program

An important feature of the TOASTMASTERS program is prepared speeches. Members follow the Communication and Leadership Program manual with 10 speech projects as follows:

Project 1: The Ice Breaker

Introduce yourself to your fellow club members.

Project 2: Speak in Earnest

Confront and control nervousness and convince your audience of your earnestness on a subject you feel strongly about.

Project 3: Organize your speech

Organize your thoughts into a logical sequence that leads the audience to a clearly defined goal

Project 4: Show What You Mean

Learn the value of gestures and body movements as a part of a speech. Demonstrate different ways of using body language.

Project 5: Vocal Variety

Develop the use of voice volume, pitch rate and quality as assets to your speaking.

Project 6: Work With Words

Select precisely the right words required to communicate your ideas clearly, vividly and appropriately.

Project 7: Apply your skills

Use the communication skills learned in the preceding projects

Project 8: Make It Persuasive

Present a talk that persuades the audience to accept your viewpoint.

Project 9: Speak With Knowledge

Gather accurate, up-to-date information on a subject so you can expand your knowledge and that of your audience.

Project 10: Inspire Your Audience

Understand the mood and feeling of your audience on a particular occasion. Put those feelings into words and inspire the audience using all the techniques you have learned so far.

Once you complete this manual, you will be recognized as a CTM (Competent Toastmaster)

Advanced Programs

But that’s not all, there are then 14 advanced manuals you can choose from:

  1. Speeches by Management
  2. Technical Presentations
  3. Speaking to Inform
  4. Interpersonal Communications
  5. The Entertaining Speaker
  6. Public Relations
  7. The Discussion Leader
  8. The Professional Speaker
  9. The Professional Salesperson
  10. Communications on Television
  11. Storytelling
  12. Specialty speeches
  13. Interpretive Reading
  14. Special Occasion Speeches

You will receive three of these manuals free after you complete your first 10 projects!