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Toasmasters District Contest


Our very own Bonnie Mak competed at the District Contest in Montebello on Saturday, April 25th.  Way to go Bonnie!


Members of our group went to Montebello to cheer on our very talented speaker, Bonnie.


Christmas Party

McGill Toastmasters' Christmas Party

McGill Toastmasters Christmas Party.  What a night!


Toastmasters Members and Guests

Toastmasters Members and Guests

Talented Dancers Sheryl and Alain

Talented Dancers Sheryl and Alain

Toastmaster Beauties

Toastmaster Beauties

Spreading Christmas Cheer

Spreading Christmas Cheer

Striking a pose

Striking a Pose

Halloween at Toastmasters


On October 28th, we celebrated Halloween Toastmaster style; dressing up for a Speech Bonanza bash!

Summer Social – Fun in the Sun!


 On Tuesday, Augist 26st, McGill Toastmasters celebrated our annual Summer Social.  The weather was great and so was the food!  Thank you to all the Toastmaster members who organized the summer social and those of you who parcipated in the Toastmaster games!

McGill Goes Dancing II


Another successful and fun filled evening with McGill Toastmaster members.  This adventurous group decided to take a break from improving their Toastmaster skills and learn how to improve their dance moves!

Thank you Alain and Cheryl for teaching us your savvy moves! 20140726_172451 20140726_181430

New Executive Team 2014-15 & Induction Ceremony July 8. 2014

july feature

Alumni Meeting on June 10, 2014

Thanks everyone who made this meeting memorable!

Toastmaters Halloween Spooky Meeting on October 29, 2013


It was such a great and creative spooky meeting with all great members & guests.

Humorous Speech and Evaluation Area 64 Contest Hosted by McGill Toastmasters

Jump in to TLI!

The Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) takes place every year in January and June. This June’s TLI will be taking place on June 2013. Click here for more information!

The TLI is an opportunity for toastmasters across Montreal to attend workshops on many topics by world-class presenters, meet and network with other toastmasters. Four of our club’s officers and members attended the workshop this year. Read what they had to say about the TLI experience in January 2013.


article3George Tabah – Sometimes, we forget how social Toastmasters can be. For me, the TLI is like the group talking in the kitchen at a party–except there’s no background music or alcohol.

At the TLI, you see hundreds of people who care about the same thing–public speaking and leadership. And we all share a common vocabulary. That makes creating new relationships a little easier, and you can continue to build on your existing relationships. What’s not to like?

Well, it is on at 9:00 a.m. on a Saturday.


article4Ivan Murcia – I attended a workshop in the TLI on “How to promote your Club as VP Public Relations”. There are three things that I learnt from the experience. First, it is important for clubs to advertise themselves so that people are aware of this opportunity. This can be done through ads on local papers, posters on community centers close to the meeting area and using websites such as Linkedin in order to connect the club to professionals. Second, for websites, instead of using long paragraphs, it is important update the website with pictures and videos to show how the meetings/members look like. This is something I think McGill Toastmasters does well. Third, I learnt about Speak: The Movie (!

Personally, I had a great experience and learnt a lot about marketing and had the opportunity to network with members of other clubs.


article2Mehrnoosh Azodi – Listening to Harry Kingston’s speech was actually a pleasant opportunity by itself regardless of all useful tips he pointed out on VP-membership. He is absolutely a professional and experienced speaker whose speech was to the point and useful. A few interesting points he mentioned during his speech were: VP-membership are the true representatives of the club as they are the first people the guests -potential members- would see and perceive as a toastmaster. It is important how confidently we greet the guests and introduce our club and explain the procedure to them. These factors determine if the guests would like to be part of the club. Asking this question from ourselves that; would we be interested to join this club at its current condition if we were at guest’s shoes? It is also important to talk to guests at the end of the meeting and ask if they will return to the meetings. If not, we should ask them what could be reformed, changed!

article1Marzieh Ghiasi – Although I usually prefer to spend snowy Saturdays huddled at home with a cup of hot chocolate, the TLI is an experience not to be missed (and fortunately there is coffee!). It’s always amazing for me to see that there is a world beyond McGill Toastmasters. There are many clubs around Montreal, all with their own style and flair, and in every single one there are eager toastmasters striving to become better speakers.

One of the workshops I really enjoyed in this year’s January TLI was given by Norma Domey, DTM, who is the governor of district 61 and an exceptional speaker and guide! She mentioned several interesting points which may be useful for all toastmasters, particularly those interested in leadership. First, she encouraged everyone to understand what motivates people, and use this to get over barriers such as lack of confidence and fear of losing control. Second, she highlighted the importance of recognizing member achievement, through ribbons, awards and other motivational tools. Third, she emphasized that mentorship programs can have a huge impact on the progress and achievement of members within the club. I think these are all important messages that we should keep in mind as we strive to make our experience at the McGill Toastmasters more enjoyable and fruitful.