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Endings and beginnings

We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time. – T. S. Eliot

Fellow toastmasters,

As the 2012-2013 McGill Toastmasters executive year comes to a conclusion, let’s relive through some of the moments:

Last summer we held our Summer-Fall 2012 social. Later in the year we celebrated Christmas and New Year’s in Winter 2012 Social. Finally, we held our Spring 2013 Social at the Montreal Forum Bowling Alley, and learnt that we have some serious pro-bowlers in this club.

In March 2013, McGill Toastmasters celebrated its 15th anniversary! We received a certificate of recognition from Toastmasters International. Joined by the area governor, Sacha Pommepuy, we celebrated the club’s 15th anniversary on March 19th and wished for 15 years more. In 2012-2013 McGill Toastmasters became a President’s Distinguished Club, achieving the highest level in the Distinguished Club Program.

Throughout year, we held a host of exciting ‘regular’ meetings: unforgettable moments include our Halloween meeting and of course, the night we were visited by Toastmasters past, six of our wonderful alumni! These unforgettable moments also included achievements such as becoming Canadian citizens, graduating from university, weddings and the birth of little new toastmasters, who have made our members and alumni proud new moms and dads.

We had guests and toastmasters visit us from the United States, India, and other countries across the world– reminding us we are part of something bigger.

We initiated the Toastmasters@McGill Program, in which allowed us to reach out to the McGill Community, give speeches to continuing education students and inspire them to learn more about toastmasters and public speaking.

This year toastmasters aimed high, challenged themselves and competed with the best speakers in area and division speech contests. In the Fall of 2012, we were represented at the division G contest by Louise-Véronique Sicotte and in the Spring of 2013 we were represented in Area 64 contest by Marzieh Ghiasi and Diana Cheptene.

McGill Toastmasters innovated and went green. Our website is now regularly updated with a wealth of information about meetings and events. You can find all past editions of our newsletter online. Perhaps most exciting, our signup sheet is now online for your viewing at all times. You can also find us on Facebook! Our member, Elaheh Bos, designed new laminated timekeepers cards for the club. Our member, James Wen, developed a dedicated voting app for the club and donated both voting hardware and software for our use.

All meetings in the past 12 months, all 46 of them, were made possible in part through the efforts of our members AND our 2012-2013 executive team. I want to thank this group of remarkable people who I have had the pleasure of getting to know over the past year: Saif Melhem, Elise Fryml, Feng Zimin, Angela He, Mehrnoosh Azodi, Anand Beejan, Diana Cheptene, Kelly Barbosa, Sarah Ali-Khan, George Tabah, Johnny Sit, Gaétane Ferland, Johhny Boghossian, Lila Malde, John D’Agata and Ivan Murcia.

I also want to welcome the incoming 2013-2014 executive team and wish them the best in the upcoming year.

President: Johnny Boghossian

VP Education: Elise Fryml

VP Membership: Angela He, ACG, ALB & Mehrnoosh Azodi & Philippe Toutou

VP Mentorship: Kelly Barbosa

VP Leadership: Armita Dehmoobadsharifabadi

VP Public Relations: Diana Cheptene

Secretary: George Tabah

Sergeant-at-Arms: Cheung Hei (Johnny) Sit & Shahad Radwi

Treasurer: Lila Malde, CTM, CL & John D’Agata, ATMB

Sitting in the right front corner of the room for the past year, I’ve had a chance to see some amazing speeches and some great transformations. As rewarding as 2012-2013 has been, in the hands of this capable team… the future will be better yet.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve!

Marzieh Ghiasi, CC, CL
President 2012-2013
McGill Toastmasters Club

15th anniversary certificate!


Click here to see full certificate!


A very happy new year to all McGill Toastmasters.

Our meetings will be resuming as of Tuesday January 8th!

For upcoming events consult our calendar.

McGill Club Summer Break

The McGill Toastmasters club will be on a summer break for two weeks, so no meetings will be held on July 24th and July 31st at the McGill Club. During this time our members and guests are invited to join us in joint meetings:
  • Monday July 23rd at Outremont Toastmasters Club (Time: 6:45 PM-9 PM Location: 3rd floor, 5550 Ave du Parc, Montreal (YMCA corner of Park & St. Viateur)
  • Monday July 30th at HEC Toastmasters Club (Time: 6:45 PM-9 PM Address: 1st Floor, 3000 Chemin de la Cote-Sainte-Catherine, Montreal (HEC building)

Our club regular meeting will resume on Tuesday, August 7th.

McGill Toastmasters Executive Team: July to December 2011

McGill Toastmasters Executive Team: July to December 2011

President: Saif Melhem

VP Education: Nelcy Lopez-Cuellar

VP Membership: Gaetane Ferland, Nick Pan, Ivan Murcia

VP Mentorship: Angela He, ACG, ALB

VP Leadership: Ellen Zhou and Mira Novin

VP Public Relations: Rosalia Felice


Sergeant-at-Arms: Cheung Hei (Johnny) Sit and Marzieh Ghiasi

Treasurer: Lila Malde, CTM, CL and John D’Agata, ATMB

Immediate Past President: George Tabah

Next meeting is January 4th, 2011

The next meeting of McGill Toastmasters will take place on January 4, 2011, after the December 14th member social and our end-of-year break. People wanting to participate as a guest can find information on the Contact Us page (under About Us). Make Toastmasters your New Year’s Resolution, and take your public speaking abilities to infinity and beyond!

Happy holidays to everyone from McGill Toastmasters, and best wishes for 2011. See you soon!

We will be changing rooms – for now.

Due to renovations, our meetings will be held elsewhere in the building over the next 5-weeks.

Meeting no.375 on April 7 will take place in room 1047

From April 14 through May 5,  we will be holding it in room 1025, both are on the 10th floor.

We expect to return to our room for May 12th.  Watch this spot for further updates.

New Executive Team: January 1 to June 30, 2009

I am pleased to introduce you McGill Toastmasters new Executive Team for the next 6-month term, from January to June 2009.

President: Angela He
VP Education: Milan Kos
VP Public Relations: Melanie Jones
Co-VP Membership: Jacques Babin and Charlie Rocke
Mentorship Coordinator: Brigitte Boudreau
Treasurer: Lila Malde
Sgt-at-Arms: Johnny Sit and Julie Drisdelle
Secretary: Leanna Chen
Webmaster: Mark Styles

Looking forward to another fantastic Toastmasters year. Have a happy holiday season and see you all on January 6!

McGill Toastmasters visit the CN Collaborators

On Monday August 11, we jointed the Outremont club in a joint meeting hosted by the CN Collaborators. Fun was had by all the 20 members and guests in attendance. Watch for the full report in the October issue of Masters in Action.McGill members at CN Collaborators

Members attempting to stop a speeding train! (L-R) Johnny, Rowan, Lianna, Milan, Angela, Jacques, Mark

Holiday Break

Please note that no meetings will be held during the Holiday Break (Tuesday, December 25th and January 1st).

Our regular meetings will resume on January 8th, 2008.

Have a happy and safe Holiday season!