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Tip of the week 16 August 2016

Speak Slowly. Pause between sentences and before key points. People want to hear what you’re saying so don’t rush it.

Tip of the week 26 July 2016

By: John Konkov

Do your speech by recalling your points with imagery in your mind, that makes

it easier to remember what you have to say.

Tip of the week 7 June 2016

Engage the power of belief to be a more effective speaker. Believe in your words, your body, your mind and your heart.

Tip of the week 11 May 2016

Manage your stress by mingling with your audience before the start of your speech:

you’ll feel more comfortable talking to people you’ve established a relationship with.

Tip of the week 3 May 2016

To be an effective speaker, one should examine their motivation. Be passionate about what you are expressing – and why.

Tip of the week 27 April 2016

Always be pared with backup for technical glitches that can transpire during a power point presentation

Tip of the week 12 April 2016

Use the power of storytelling in your public speaking (anecdotes).

Tip of the week 5 April 2016

A roast is like a toast, but it pokes fun at the honoree:

– don’t rely on someone else’s jokes (ex. Rodney Dangerfield) use your own

– pause before the punchline

– be deadpan, don’t laugh at your own joke

Tip of the week 16 February 2016

Speak with passion

Tip of the week 2 February 2016

1. Know your material 2. Practice, practice, practice 3. Know the audience 4. Know the room 5. Relax 6. Visualize yourself giving your speech 7. Realize that people want you to succeed 8. Don’t apologize 9. Concentrate on the message – not the medium 10. Gain experience