Example Agenda

Date: 15 March 2002

Meeting # 123

5:30 Call to Order by Sgt-at-Arms Clint Eastwood
Word of Welcome by Chairperson Leslie Nielson
Presentation of the head table Leslie Nielson

Toastmaster William Shatner
Table Topic Master Robin Williams
General Evaluator Michael J Fox
Sgt-at-Arms Clint Eastwood
Secretary Jean Chretien
Treasurer Mike Myers
Timer Paul Gross
Grammarian Celine Dion

Introduction of Guests Leslie Nielson

Moment of Reflection George Bush
Moment of Humour Tony Blair
Toast Bernard Landry

5:45 Business Session
5:50 Education Session
Introduction of Toastmaster by Leslie Nielson
Toastmasters remarks by William Shatner
Introduction of Table Topics Master by William Shatner
Table Topics by Robin Williams (2 minutes per speaker)
Table Topic evaluations (1 minute per speaker)

************* Vote for best Table Topic **************

6:15 Intermission (10-15 minutes)
6:25 Prepared Speeches
Introduction by Toastmaster William Shatner
Toastmaster calls on Timer and Evaluators
Toastmaster introduces speakers

Speaker Project Evaluator
Alanis Morissette CTM #1 Wayne Gretzky
Maggie Thatcher CTM #8 Michael Foot
Kylie Minogue CTM #2 Jason Donovon
Rene Levesque CTM #10 Pierre Trudeau

************* Vote for best speaker **************

General evaluation by Michael J Fox
Prepared speech evaluations (see above, 3 mins per speaker)
Ah Counter/Grammarian report by Celine Dion
Timer Report by Paul Gross

************* Vote for best evaluator **************

7:20 Closing Ceremonies
Closing remarks by Chairperson Leslie Nielson
Guest comments
Awards presentation by Leslie Nielson
Preview of next meeting

7:30 Adjournment