General Evaluator

As General Evaluator, you coordinate the evaluation segment of the Education Session. The purpose of this segment is to provide constructive feedback on the performance of meeting participants.


  1. Once you accept control of the meeting, give a short explanation of the benefits of evaluation (under 1 minute).
  2. Mention that there are other people to assist you.
  3. Welcome each prepared speech evaluator to the lectern.
  4. When all the assisting evaluators have finished, provide an evaluation of the meeting as a whole (4 to 6 minutes). What to look for:
    • Did everything happen as it was supposed to happen? For example, was the banner displayed, were Agendas, evaluation forms and ballots distributed, etc.? Did every segment of the meeting start and end on time?
    • Observe every participant’s performance. Comment on good performance and suggest improvements, if any. Comment on the preparation, organization, delivery and enthusiasm of each person’s function. Do not reevaluate the Prepared Speakers, although (if time permits) you may mention something that the speech evaluator may have missed.
    • Follow the General Evaluator’s Worksheet for specific areas to look for in each members function.
  5. Finally, ask the Grammarian for his/her report.


  • State clearly at the beginning of your presentation that any comments you make are your own opinions, not those of the club. For instance, use expressions such as I think, I believe my attention would be captured even more if, or In my opinion, rather than You should or You must. Other appropriate terms are: I liked and I would have liked. Avoid making a positive comment and then using a but.
  • While each person delivers their evaluation, sit off to the side but closely enough that you can return quickly to the lectern to shake the Speakers hand once (s)he has finished.
  • Always be positive: make your feedback constructive. Don’t criticize negatively without offering ideas on how to improve. Stick to only one or two areas of improvement. People will ignore everything you say if you appear to be too negative. Conclude discussion of each function with praise or congratulations.


Harold, I found your toast was truly inspirational. I thought that the topic was definitely appropriate. I believe that it would have been easier for us to respond in unison, if the declaration had consisted of only 3 or 4 words. Just the same, you certainly got us into the spirit of your toast – it was delivered with sincere passion. Congratulations!