Moment of Humour

The moment of humour consists of a short funny story, comment or humorous reflection upon life meant to entertain the audience. It can even take the form of a poetry reading, magic tricks, or a song — basically anything that will provide amusement and enable the audience to relax. It is best kept under 1 minute.

Since Toastmasters are people with diverse beliefs and backgrounds, we avoid potentially controversial subjects such as religion, politics, ethnic background and sex. Of course, the humour should be in good taste and free of any questionable language.

While this may seem a trifle restrictive, there are many jokes out there which fit the bill admirably. There are many humorous stories that may be adapted for Toastmasters meetings. Many good humorists often take a joke and then personalize it to suit them and their audience.


You’ll find your delivery of the Moment of Humour much more effective when it is presented without notes. If needed, use a small cue card instead of a sheet of paper.