Prepared Speakers

As a Prepared Speaker, you deliver a speech according to the specific objectives of a project.


Before the meeting…

  • Be prepared. Club members have set aside time to come to the meeting and listen to your speech in a supportive and evaluative manner. If you come with a shabbily prepared speech, you are indirectly showing disrespect for your audience.
  • Find out the name of your Evaluator from the Vice President of Education. Contact your Evaluator to discuss the evaluation. Mention which particular areas you are
    trying to improve.
  • Arrange for any special equipment such as overhead projectors or flip charts.
  • Prepare a written introduction of yourself to give the Toastmaster.

At the meeting…

  • Ensure any necessary equipment is set-up and operational. Arrange your props before the meeting or during the intermission.
  • Give the manual to your evaluator for his/her written comments.
  • Give your written introduction to the Toastmaster along with the title of speech.
  • If you need any tables moved, etc., ask another member to do this for you immediately before beginning your speech.
  • Remember to ask the Vice President, Education to sign your manual.


Place your notes on or near the lectern beforehand. It creates a better impression if you walk up to lectern without anything in your hands.

Remember to put away your props, etc.