As Secretary of the meeting, you play a vitally important role.


  • Record the minutes – (See Minutes Form).
    The minutes are the official condensed record of significant facts of the meeting. Fill in the Minutes Form completely before you leave the meeting. Keep all Minutes Forms in the Secretary’s binder.
  • At the beginning of the Business Session, the Chairperson will ask you if there is a quorum and what constitutes a quorum. You will reply “Yes” or “No” as the
    case may be. You explain that a quorum consists of fifty percent plus one of the active members of the club.
  • When called upon, read the minutes of the previous meeting(s), unless they have been previously distributed for reading. Remember, however, that the minutes cannot be voted upon unless there is a quorum.
  • Maintain an up-to-date attendance record. If the club has a grid of your members with meeting dates, you can simply check off their names.
  • Carefully write down any motions so that you can read them again for the members before a vote is taken.


You will find your reading of the minutes more effective if you take the sheet from the binder and hold it in your hands. Also look up from the paper occasionally. Try to speak as quickly as possible and still read clearly.