Table Topics Evaluation

As Table Topics Evaluator, you provide helpful feedback to the Table Topics Speakers. (Time to evaluate each Speaker is between 30 and 45 seconds.)


  • To let the Speakers know if they answered the
    question in an effective manner.
  • To show the Speakers what particular delivery
    skills were good and impressed you.
  • To mention areas that you felt could use improvement.
    Suggest how any needed improvements could be realized.


Mention only 1 or 2 areas for improvement — any more tends to
overwhelm a Speaker and comes across as overly negative, so that
anything you say may likely be ignored.

Discuss only the Speaker’s delivery and if (s)he answered the
question. It does NOT matter whether you agreed or disagreed
with the subject material. (We have different opinions on any
issue and should be allowed to freely express them so long
as we stay within the boundaries of good taste.)

Avoid the use of expressions such as “you should” or “you should not”.
Always stress the fact that the evaluation is your opinion only. Use
expressions such as “I believe”, “I feel”, “In my opinion”, “I liked”
or “I would have liked”

Always end on a positive note.