Chairperson Worksheet

Before the meeting begins

  1. Prepare an introduction of the Toastmaster.
  2. Collect the names of all guests so you can introduce them personally during opening ceremonies. Make sure you know the correct pronunciations.
  3. Confirm that all members performing roles are present. Find replacements if necessary.

Opening Ceremonies

  1. Thank the Sergeant-at-Arms for their introduction of you
  2. Welcome everyone to the meeting
  3. Give an upbeat 2 to 3 minute talk on the Toastmasters organization or the impact Toastmasters has made upon your own life or on the lives of other members.
  4. Announce changes to the agenda
  5. Introduce the head table

Toastmaster: _______________________
Table Topics Master: ________________
Secretary: _________________________
General Evaluator: __________________
Treasurer: _________________________
Timer: ____________________________
Grammarian: _______________________
Sergeant-at-arms: ___________________
My name is ______________ and I am your Chairperson for the evening.
Lead the applause
Ask the Grammarian to explain his/her functions and to present the Word of
the Week
Call on guests one by one to introduce themselves
Call on shorter roles
Tip of the Day: _____________________
Moment of Humour: _________________
Thought of the Day: _________________
Toast: ____________________________
Thank each speaker with a personal comment
[bang gavel] Declare the business session open
Inform the secretary that you have read the minutes of the previous meeting
State if the minutes need any corrections
If no, move to accept the minutes as posted
If yes, state that the minutes will be accepted after the corrections
are made.
Ask if there is any
Business arising out of the minutes
Old business
New business
Reports by officers or members
Other announcements
Declare the business session closed [bang gavel]

Introduce the Toastmaster of the meeting and lead the applause. Pass the
gavel to him/her. Wait until you are acknowledged before you sit down.

Closing Ceremonies

At the end of the Education Session, accept the gavel from the Toastmaster
and thank them.
Take 1 to 2 minutes for your positive closing comments on the meeting.
Ask for a drum-roll and present the award for Best Table Topics Speaker
Ask for a drum-roll and present the award for Best Prepared Speech
Ask for a drum-roll and present the award for Best Evaluator.
Invite guests to stand and comment briefly on how they perceived the
Invite guests to visit again.
Ask if there are additional comments or announcements.
Ask guests to help in cleaning up the room by emptying and throwing out
their water glasses.
Ask for a motion to adjourn the meeting.
After the vote, declare the meeting closed and bang the gavel.