McGill Toastmasters Meeting # 721

If I were to choose three words that qualify our last meeting, they would be: Smooth, social (as usual), and silky.
Here are some pictures.


McGill Toastmasters
Linda Chang winning the best speech of the evening by default.
The two other speakers got disqualified as they crossed their time limit.
All speeches were delivered smoothly and silkily :D!

McGill Toastmasters

Kate Stern! She was the best speech evaluator.
I thought I would smash both you and Alain in my own
reality. But my own reality is not reality in factual actuality,
as it’s you that SMASHED us all! haha! 😀

McGill Toastmasters

Out of no where, a guest, Dasha, shyly volunteered to give a
table topics speech (challenging short improv), and she won!! hehe.
We noticed that this member-to-be is a natural speaker. There’s
no doubt she will go far!


McGill Toastmasters
Experienced toastmaster Angela animating
the whole evening. Too bad this picture is a bit blurry…
Better ones will be coming.



Nidal our grammarian! It was the
first time he took this role and did great!
He’s a free spirit too.



Dave our general evaluator, who, like our
grammarian, took this role for the first time
and did great too! You look like a
librarian/indie rocker/chef/tattoo artist.
Congrats! You’re welcome ;P


Willem! Smart, clever, and witty in a unique way.
I’m sure he’d always be appreciated
as a table topics master (hosting the short


Gaetane our chairperson! She’s always
colorful, always energized and warm, and sets a nice
tone to the meetings!


Last but not least, Jonny Sit! Kick starting
the meeting!

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