McGill Toastmasters Meeting #722

Remember last week when I said that meeting #721 was smooth, soft, and silky? Yea, well, meeting #722 was made of fire! The room was packed, the speakers were amazing, and it felt like a real party at the 688 Sherbrooke Street West, Room 1559!

Here are some pictures:
File_001 (2)
Elijah our toastmaster! Great job Elijah, it was his first time and he did it so well! He’s very natural and welcoming.

File_000 (2)
Angela delivering her speech about how to present a speech with PPT slides. She’s simply a captivating and powerful speaker. You can’t even detect any kind of nervousness in her when she speaks. Great content too!

Willem! Winning the best speech evaluator price. He’s too good not to win. 
File_001 (1)

Marna our general evaluator of this meeting! We all like her warmth and her valuable feedback. She always brings something new to the table! When she speaks in public she seems to me like a mix of an articulate lawyer/opera singer. You should come and check her out! She’s gooood!


Willem? Too shy to accept your winner’s price? 😉

File_002 (1)

Willem in action! He’s the one who comes with the most unpredictable jokes or comments! Always a pleasure to listen to you my friend!

File_003 (1)

Sarah! Evaluating one of the speakers.

File_000 (3)
(Note: For the people who weren’t there yesterday, all of Mehrnoosh’s photos  were taken while she was delivering her prepared speech (except the one in which she got her “best speaker’s” price). But for the fun of it we tweaked her story a little bit, which means that the comments were just created.)
Here she comes!!! Mehrnoosh, the winner/best speaker! In this picture she’s deploying her stuff (cloths, mirrors, drawings…). We all thought she was making herself ready to settle down in life, and continue living the rest of her life in the middle of this room. Why not!… who am I to judge?

File_003 (2)
As you can see, the deployment took a while. She’s still unpacking… Which is totally understandable when you move in…

File_006 (1)
Of course, after deploying her stuff and settling in, she wants to be presentable! Here she’s making sure she looks good in front of her audience.  I appreciate her honouring us!

File_004 (2)
After she made sure she’s confident with her looks, it’s time for her to salute the crowd!!! “Heil Mehrnoosh”!!!

File_005 (2)
Mehrnoosh knows she’s too cool for school 😛 . By the way, Nadal, you hair needs to be more green, and a brighter kind of green! It will look great!

Here she’s telling us about her experience when she still was an international music producer living in Hawaii.

File_008 (1)
I appreciate self-expression! Here she’s showing us that she doesn’t care about the trophy! She just wants to smash it!! All she cares about is owning the winner’s “best speech” price, that our beloved president, Alain Guillot, will grant her.

There you go Mehrnoosh! You got the price! 😀

File_005 (1)
Dave our timer! Still looking like an indie-rock artist (more like the bassist or keyboardist of the band).

File_004 (1)
Jennifer! it was her first role as a grammarian! she did great!


Sapan! He’s just amazing. He won a recognition price from Toastmasters International. Great job sir!

Alain Guillot our president, chairing the evening.

Cheryl! :)) She was the table topics winner! Cheryl is funny, entertaining/enchanting, and it’s amazing how quick minded she can be.  Too bad I missed her improv.


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