Humorous & Evaluation Speech Contest 2016

What an amazing evening we had yesterday! The humorous and evaluation speech contest was a big success; 7 evaluators, 6 speakers, a vey lively event, and a packed venue! There were no seats left, some people had to find a place on the floor to sit! Amazing job McGill Toastmasters!
Here are some pictures (more pics will be added soon):

McGill Toastmasters Montreal public speaking

Alain Guillot, giving his evaluation! He presented very valid strong points and points for improvement.



Angela He, giving her evaluation. Her evaluation was clear, very well structured, and the content was great.


Johnny Sit, giving his evaluation. Johnny is very observant, he mentioned many good aspects of the speech and also important points for improvement. First time I hear Johnny evaluating, and I really enjoyed it!



Mr. Willem and Mr. Raja (for familiarity reasons, I don’t always use the family name of the person after the title/honorific).


Kate giving her humorous speech! I absolutely loved her style, and her dry humour. First time we hear her using a different tone of voice to imitate a certain kind of people, and it was lovely! We want to hear more of this!


Dave Fineberg looking like a professor, and giving his speech! Dave is always funny anyway, with touches of intellectualism, dark humour, and a bit of self-deprecation here and there. Therefore we were all expecting a very funny and special speech, and that’s exactly what we got!


Geoff giving his humorous speech. Not bad! Geoff has a great style when he speaks in front of an audience. However his speech was a mix of information and humour. If it was purely humour instead, it would have made a bigger effect! But very well done regardless!


“ooh! Mrs. Cheryl Williammmmmz.” may I say…
Who wouldn’t love Cheryl’s style! And I’m not talking about this picture specifically, but in general! I loved her speech, her dramatic and poetic and artistic words and movements! All of it! Her speech was captivating and funny at the same time, and her style is unique! I’m glad I’m not competing against her hehe. She would SMASH ME!



Heeeeeeyyyyyy! The flamboyant one! One of my favourite humorous speeches ever! Alain??? You killed us! You were funny 100% and you should consider doing this as a side project! You’re very suited for humour. I suggest you do more of this and participate in comedy shows! By the way, thanks for mentioning a few of your loyal friends, the very dumb and the very smart ones! And to name a few who belong to either/or category (without mentioning who belongs to which 😛 :P) : Raji, Elaji, Cheri, Davie, Katie, Rachidi, Nadali Beni Seidi, Lebeggi, and so oni and so forthi!



Here he is people!!! The MAN! The mighty one! The WINNER of all winners!!! Smasher Vitaly Terekhov! You smashed it my man! You and Alain could make a good duo by the way! Needless to say that his speech was a killer. Watermelons and fishes! It was a great cooking speech! (hahahaha 😛 Unless I misunderstood the whole idea of the speech… which could be possible)



Top 3 evaluators: 3rd place goes to Mr. Raja Chemali! 2nd place goes to Ms. Angela He! And 1st place goes to Mr. George Tabah!
With contest chair: Dumindra Kandana Arachchige, and Division G Director: Bonnie Mak



Top 3 humorous speeches! 3rd place goes to Mr. Dave Fineberg! 2nd place goes to Mr. Alain Guillot! And 1st place goes to Mr. Vitaly Terekhov!
With contest chair: Dumindra Kandana Arachchige, and Division G Director: Bonnie Mak



Group picture of all the contestants!