Meeting # 724

This meeting reminded me of cozy winter meetings! It was dark outside, raining non-stop, and the attendance was small compared to the usual number of members and visitors that show up every Tuesday! Still, we SMASHED it hard! McGill Toastmasters have this thing about them that no matter how small the team is, no matter wether it dark or raining outside, we have this amazing energy that brings the dead to life! haha!

Now for the pictures!

McGill Toastmasters Montreal

Cheryl our chairperson! As you can see she’s showing us how much she loves us.
We love her too :). If you’re an interested guest/visitor, I encourage you to come and see her in action. I guarantee you you’ll be happy and inspired!



Azfan delivering his Public Speaking Tip. This guy is smart and sharp. He doesn’t always show up but when he does, oh boy! he’s hot and dangerous!



Alyssa being challenged! hehe! :)
She was asked to come up and improvise a short speech (we call these speeches “table topics”). Good job Alyssa!


McGill toastmasters montreal

I had to adjust my camera to fit the whole body of Johnny B. He’s tall.
He was also asked to give a table topic speech, and he did it beautifully, he actually was the winner that night! Unfortunately he left early so he didn’t get his prize. Dave asked if he could receive it instead 😛



Louise Veronique our table topics master! She’s elegant and she makes people feel good!
Louise, in this picture you look like a professional auctioneer in action, asking if any investor/collector in the room wants to bid higher! I just found you a niche opportunity, I’m sure you’d excel!

Tarek our audacious guest! He came up and gave an table topic speech. I believe it was greatly delivered, and in addition to that he’s a first timer! Bravo sir! You should come back.

Hehe :). Alain! What are you doing?
Btw look at Cheryl’s expression. Not sure if she was captivated by Alain’s speech or if she was disagreeing.
Alain was the winner among all the speakers who delivered a prepared speech! I really enjoyed it myself, it was very funny, inspiring, informative, and emotional as well, and it made me feel great!



Too bad this picture is fuzzy! But that’s Elijah winning the best table topics evaluator prize!
Good job Ehlajiii!


Marna winning the best prepared speeches evaluator prize!
She gave a very thorough and detailed evaluation. I’d like to be evaluated by her.

Powerful Alain Guillot receiving his prize! As said above, his speech was simply amazing.