Meeting #725

What a meeting! The room was packed! As always, great energy, great people, McGill Toastmasters blows your lucky mind!
Lots of pictures below!

File_000 (3)
Dave winning the best table topics evaluator prize!

File_000 (2)
Elijah our general evaluator! It was the first time he taks this challenging role and he did an amazing job! (I’ll still call you Elaji, regardless of what Angela decides to do :P). His feedback is always insightful and constructive.

Dave giving his table topics evaluation!

File_009 (3)
The beautiful bride carried by the groom! A bright future lies ahead of them. Wish them luck and love!

File_008 (1)
Johnny B. delivering his inspiring speech!

File_008 (2)
Angela He out chairperson! We should all aim to reach her high level!

File_008 (3)
Kelly Barbosa winning the best boxing fight!


File_009 (1)
Bonnie delivering her speech! I enjoyed her speech a lot. I felt energized after her performance.


File_007 (1)
Faranak delivering her speech. We all felt a connection with her speech, she gave it very openly and gracefully. It came from the heart. Nice job Faranak, it was beautiful.

File_005 (1)
Therese giving us the instructions of her table topics! This specific picture makes it look more like she’s giving us lecture in a classroom. Very creative table topics though!

File_005 (2)
Rachid! He was evaluating Johnny’s speech. Great evaluation btw.

File_005 (3)
Johnny B. walking forward to deliver his speech! It was sensational (not necessarily his walk, but the speech)!

Therese re-explaining the table topics rules.

File_006 (1)
Bonnie in action baby!

Dumindra our grammarian! She was explaining her role. Good job last night!

File_004 (3)
Johnny B. receiving his prize! He delivered the best speech yesterday! Bravo!

File_004 (2)
Nice picture of Rachid in action. Don’t look back son. Always look forward! hehehe.

File_004 (1)
President Alain Guillot! Our toastmaster. One of the things that we like and appreciate about Alain is that he’s always ready to show up! No matter what the situation is. You set the example Alain.

Mr. Enrique! He was delivering his toast. It’s always a pleasure to see him in action.

File_003 (3)
Geoff winning the best table topics price! He’s quick minded which makes him an impressive improviser. Yvon my friend, you look happy!

File_002 (1)
Nadal pumping us up!

File_002 (2)
Kelly! As you can see she’s giving us an opera lesson, she’s also evaluating Bonnie, and punching a mini boxing bag! What a multitasker! hehe.

File_002 (3)
Dave receiving his best table topics evaluator prize!

Alissa sharing a light and fun joke with us! It kind of contrasts her sweatshirt which says “Panic and freak out”!

File_003 (1)
Dr. Yvon Elisee evaluating Nadal.

File_003 (2)
Sapan evaluating Faranak!

Louise Veronique sharing with us her moment of reflexion!