Meeting #726

If you want to learn how to better speak in public, and if you want to make new and interesting friends/contacts, then McGill Toastmasters is the right place for you. Our meetings are alway high on energy, character, humour, and fun.
Meeting # 726 was very pleasant, smooth and informative. We had amazing speakers share with us either their knowledge or life experience. They all did amazingly well and we all learned a great deal!
Here are some pictures of the evening (with fun/silly comments. By the way, a fraction of the comments doesn’t necessarily represent what what actually happenned :), we just add them for the fun of it!)

File_009 (7)

Dumindra was our chairperson for the first time! She’s a smart, well rounded, and caring speaker and young lady. She’s a beautiful soul, and therefore I’m sure she’ll go far in life without much struggle if she wants to… both as a speaker and as a human being in general. Dumindra! I know who you are 😉
File_009 (5)
Marjorie! What a nice posture! We should all aim to stand tall and straight like you do my friend. I like it!

File_009 (6)File_008 (6)
Yep, that’s Kate my friends… She’s always posed, always self-assured, always smart and extremely insightful. She can read between the lines of a human being and give you a thorough report about YOU! AAAND your speech sir or madam! That’s how powerful she is. IN YOUR FACE! Yeah!

File_008 (5)
Powerful, creative, knowledgeable, and inspiring John D’agata improvising his speech at table topics. I aspire to become as good as him someday… He’s such an accomplished speaker, and it’s always fun to listen to his humorous stories!

File_008 (4)File_007 (4)File_006 (4)
Louise was giving her prepared speech here. As you can see, she’s a colourful person. She sang and almost danced for us. It’s not very obvious to see but there’s a key in her hand. the key in her speech served as a metaphor to remind us that we all possess our “inner-keys” for salvation, joy, happiness, freedom, and inner-peace! Amazing speech madam! amazing message!

File_006 (5)
Angela our table topics master! We all love her, she’s graceful, experienced, and she’s like the Nelson Mandela of McGill Toastmasters hehe.

File_005 (7)
Talking about smashing… Well, Alain our grammarian SMAAAASHED the Ssssshhh**t out of all the speakers! In a good way though!!! I lllllove it when he’s in action! He’s lifts us up and he makes us feel good and alive and strong and upbeat! Feeeeels good sir!! Much love!

File_005 (6)
Euhhhh, okkkk??? lol
No seriously, Rachid is amazing! He was the general evaluator. He’s one smart cookie, explaining and simplifying a control systems concept, and using it as an analogy to what evaluations at Toastmasters are. I loved it!

File_002 (7)

Rachid in action!
He gave useful and practical feedback to everybody who had a role. General evaluations suit you my man. You’re made for it.

File_005 (4)
Irina our toastmaster! She always takes challenging roles and I respect her for that. You rock Irina… haaaard 😉

File_004 (7)
Gaetane evaluating Sapan’s speech. I like Gaetan! Like Louise, she’s a colourful soul, full of energy, positivity, and people love to be around her. Yes we dooo!

File_004 (4)File_003 (4)
Smart and quick-minded Geoff delivering his speech. This guy is so good! He has the potential to go far. I don’t remember what he was trying to say in the second picture; looks like he’s probably angry or something but don’t worry, he has good intention 😉

File_002 (5)
Nadal is a trooper! He gave two short speeches off the cuff! Well done sir! You’re goood!

File_001 (7)File_000 (8)
Nadal evaluating Louise’s speech. In the first picture he’s trying to read his own notes, but unfortunately his hand writing is too difficult to decipher… In the second picture he’s admitting to us that he has no idea what to say.
NOT! he was great! He gave a very good first evaluation!


File_000 (7)

The lessons with Sapan series. Lesson # 01: Sapan showing us how to say Hi! and Bye!

File_001 (6)
The lessons with Sapan series. Lesson # 02: Sapan showing us another way to say Hi! and Bye! He then worn us that this specific way is culture-specific.

File_003 (6)
The lessons with Sapan series: Lesson # 03: Sapan showing us his signature yoga posture! Sapan, you should
trademark/copyright it!

File_003 (5)

Azfan telling us a joke! I could tell he did really well; everybody laughed! I personally was distracted and focusing on taking the picture so I didn’t get a chance to pay attention to the joke. I might ask him to repeat it to me next week if I remember. I’ll add a reminder on my phone once I finish typing this extremely valuable comment.

File_004 (8)
Geoff winning the best prepared speech prize! Good job Geoff!

File_001 (9)
Alex! Winning the best table topics evaluator prize! It was the first time she gives an evaluation and she SMASHED everybody else! You’re good madam!

File_007 (8)

Kate winning the best prepared speech evaluator prize! It’s hard for her not to win.

File_002 (8)
John! winning the best table topics speech prize! Congrats John!

Sneaky sneaky mister webmaster! You’re (I’m) good at taking sneaky pictures of people and taking the liberty of commening on them as you wish! They’re gonna SMASH me at some point! (Thank you Angela for taking a picture of me 😉 )