Meeting # 727

The title of yesterday’s evening is: “THE FISHERMAN!” Why “The Fisherman”? Because the Chairperson of the evening decided to wear his nice hat, and his hat looked more or less like a fisherman’s hat. I’m loving it already!!! By the way, the chairperson is also the webmaster who writing this very comment, and who posts the pics and writes these weird/zany/silly comments that you read every week!

McGill toastmasters montreal public speaking communication skills

Azfan, his hands behind his back, chilling, taking it slow… warming up for his table topics (improvised) speech.

File_001 (11)
Azfan again, but in this picture he’s all bumbed ubbb! Action baby!! Nice shirt btw.

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Rachid was the table topics master! Great choice of questions! They were challenging, engaging and reflective/thoughtful!

File_002 (9)
Tarek giving an instant evaluation of Azfan’s short speech. He’s good this guy… I’m curious to see what type of speaker he’ll become because he has the raw material, no doubt about that. You gonna SMASH it sir!

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Alpha-Woman! also known as Ines. The courageous guest who was invited to give a table topic speech. Great performance for a first time! McGill Toastmasters wants you to come back.

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Paul Ford has something special going on… Every time he delivers a speech he creates a nice atmosphere with his body language, his nice smile, and the surprisingly very few words that he uses, relatively speaking! He seems to know when and how to use his words in a way that makes us hooped! He doesn’t say much compared to other speakers such as yours truly who goes at a 100000000 words per minute! yet he gets us very engaged! Bravo mister Paul!

File_008 (9)
Florent, giving his evaluation to Paul. Florent! In this picture you look like a person I highly appreciate and respect: the great Louis Armstrong (without a trumpet in this pic)!! Nice evaluation Florent! and nice shirt/blazer! You should come to the BBQ on sunday!

File_005 (9)

Stephen evaluating Alfa-Woman! Great evaluation. And great initiative to start a public speaking group at your association.

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Nadal nadal nadal. Passionate, vibrant, strong, a rich personality indeed my friends.

File_002 (10)
Mr. Nadal! Clueless? weird… you’re usually clueful.

File_001 (12)
Yes :), I like it too :)

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Alain, my friend, my motivator, mah maaan! You’re a true inspiration to all of us, whether you agree with me or not.

File_006 (10)
Mr. Dave Finberg! Clear, funny, straight to the point, smart, knowledgeable, no B.S.! You should start a Youtube channel ASAP! naaaowwww!

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Elijah evaluating Nadal’s speech. Elijeh (I’m just tweaking your name for the sake of being creative, of not being stagnant. It’s good to mix it up and be flexible and adaptive. Be like water my friend. Ya! I feel my creativity is rusting! So let’s lubricate and myelinate those nerves cells!) you don’t need me to comment on you anymore, you already know that I highly appreciate your evaluations, and you know I like youuuuu, so, let me say something different this time. Shall we? Shall we?? Let’s go!
This guy Elaji/Elijeh, not only does he look like an intelligent guy, but he is one too. So let’s recapitulate: he has both; the intelligence, and the embodiment/embrainment of it. Shall we try to recap again? Shall we? yes?? yes??? :)  Nah!! I guess you got the point… You (the reader) are intelligent too, I guess… Like him, I guess… 😛

McGill Toastmasters montreal public speaking
Angela evaluating Alain’s speech!What can I say… Angela is simply amazing.

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Vitali!! Vitali was the general evaluator of the evening! Great job sir! He SMASHED the ssss**t out of the chaiperson lol! VEry valuable feedback though!! I appreciated it and I’m GRATEFUL he mentioned what he mentioned. I took note of your advice and will adjust. Thank you. You’re feedback for all the speakers was highly valuable too.


The FISHERMAN!!! Here he is! Finally he makes his appearance in front of the hungry people!

After feeding the hungry people, The Fisherman is now pitching his idea for his new startup/venture: A white and luxurious yacht/boat specifically designed for ultra special parties, made for his friends and his toastmasters fellows! Sunglasses, flip flops, a towel, and your true self-expression are mandatory to access the boat. The slogan will be: “This mah boat! And on mah boat, you do whatever you like!”

The Fisherman just closed a deal with a first investor: Paul Ford!

Here The Fisherman is closing a deal with a second major investor: Stephen! (Sorry Stephen, I know you’re my main investor, but what’s your family name again?? )

The Fisherman again! And as you can see, even investor Dave Finberg is impressed by The Fisherman’s swag! I told you this guy is dangerous. Closing deals here and there! The fisherman is a master negotiator! A shrewd entrepreneur!  A brave visionary! And above all, an oyster lover!!

And yes, The fisherman is a modern man! Ladies and Gentlemen! The Fisherman appreciates the self-assured, peacefully strong, and simply confident, alpha-women of the whole wild world!