Meeting # 728

NEW YORK CITY!!! Yes people. I want you to close your eyes and abstractly and symbolically imagine the energy, the pull, and the strong presence (the “in your face!” kind of presence) of New York City. Once you do that, imagine you can magically transmute New York City’s pull, presence and energy, into a meeting… This meeting that you’re imagining would probably be close to the overall feel of yesterday ‘s meeting. It was impactful, tight, sharp, flowing smoothly and strongly like a torrent (like New York!): High caliber, vibrant, and intelligent speakers (prepared, impromptu, and head table speeches). Feel the pull of McGill Toastmasters, son!! That’s right! Feel its pull!

McGill Toastmasters montreal public speaking
President Alain Guillot was our chairperson. This role suits him well. Alain is a powerhouse.

McGill Toastmasters montreal public speaking

Angela our toastmaster! She’s elegant as always.

Joy was giving a table topics speech (improvised speech) here. It was his first time. He was good! Looked very paused and calm, and at ease… But apparently he wasn’t, that’s what he told me. In that case; good job at controlling your emotions Mister Joy.

Elijah in the process of pulling his chair to then sit on it! Honestly he pulled it with great elegance and finesse.

Willem! Our beloved one! Always clever and highly witty! I can;t get enough of his unique humour!

Rachid!! Telling us about his beautiful, delicate, romantic, and sensual red dress that he wears at work!

Nadal Evaluating Elijah’s speech! I loved Nadal’s caring attitude and his way of being straight to the point.

Alex giving her public speaking tip. I said it before, this girl is good, people! She’s relatively new here, yet she’s impressive and full of promise! Always with a bright smile, quick-minded, energetic, smart.
I think you’re ready to (and should!) take on a bigger role (a prepared speech, an evaluation, chairperson, stuff like that). You’re more than capable, I can tell. Just do it!!!

Tarek is demonstrating to us how to put two peaces of Lego together. By the way, he was also evaluating Rachid’s table topics.



Geoff the Giant, giving his short speech. Yep, always interesting to hear what he has to say, and he says it very well, but he grew lately as you can see. We had to renovate and enlarge the door to twice its size so that he could get in… The renovations went well.

Dumindra, always stylish and always nice to see her talk! She was our general evaluator. She’s getting better and better at it!

Azfan evaluating Kate’s speech. Very good evaluation btw! And it was his first!

Sapan evaluating Yvon’s speech. Sapan did great! His evaluation was precise and delivered well, but unfortunately it was a few seconds shorter than the regular 2min! too bad, but that’s ok.

A heated negotiation session between Yvon and Alex. Yvon was passionately presenting his action plan to start a new underwater restaurant made of thick plexiglass, to offer future customers a new and unique experience. Alex was responsive and seemed to adopt the new concept. The second part of the negotiations session will take place next week. Stay tuned.





Dynamic Elijah Baker exchanging ideas with somebody.

Dr. Elisee! He’s powerful, confident, and inspiring. Always good to listen to the content he offers.

Dave, our table topics master! Always creative, funny, and outside the box.

Yvon again! Man, you’re on fire!



Kate delivering her speech about speed reading. I loved it. It was very informative. Kate’s delivery is always impressive.

Rachid winning the best table topics award.

Kate and Elijah were both best speakers!


Raja the webmaster winning the best table topics evaluation award! My award was a Mars chocolate hehe. I like it.

illem winning the best evaluation award!