Meeting # 730

Full house yesterday! The venue was packed with organic bodies partially made of carbon elements! That’s how great McGill Toastmasters is. Everybody wants a peace of it! So get a nice peace!! That being said, “you can help yourself, but don’t take too much. Mama may have, papa may have, but god bless the child that’s got his own… that’s got his own.” lyrics by Billie Holiday.
Check out the pictures under the Photos!

McGill Toastmasters Montreal Public Speaking
Our chairperson: Elegant Angela He. She’s our Mother Theresa, our Nelson Mandela!

As you can see, Elijah is very determined to give us his table topics speech!

Willem saying something to the people here in this picture… I don’t remember what he was saying but I feel sad that I can’t see his stylish shoes in this pic. He sometimes wears old and used New Balance sneakers that, for a reason or another, I find chic and stylish. (Refer to another picture of Willem if you’re eager to see his shoes. You’re bound to be successful with your search if you search hard enough, there is a pic of him with his sneakers in this very big album   …You’re welcome!)

Nadal giving his evaluation to Irina. Nice evaluation Rafael! OUPS!! I mean Nadal :)

Listen carefully to the webmaster’s instructions guys: before you contemplate this picture, you must twist your neck (slowly and gently) 90 degrees counter clockwise. Thanks for your attention.

Aymen! What are you doing with your hands there???


Break time!! Yes, as you can see, toastmasters people can’t stop talking… They give speeches, they hustle to get spots for speeches, and when they’re neither hustling for a speech nor giving it, they talk!


When George speaks everybody pays attention!


Astute Vitaly was tactfully and diplomatically shaking hands with atmospheric particles.



Inas was sharing with us very personal stuff (but that’s only after Aymen repositioned his hands in a more suitable manner :P)

Dumindra giving her speech! Her topic was of great relevance! A topic on the importance of  gratitude, service, and contribution! Well done madam.

Cheryl!!! Our clever and enchanting grammarian. Yes sir! (or to respect gender’s equality, I shall say: “Yes person!”)

Ella our sergeant at arms! Great job Ella!

Irina delivered a very interesting and helpful speech! It was all about reframing your mind/re-telling yourself the stories you create in your head, and look at situations from a better angle, if your original angle isn’t that healthy for you. Bravo Irina!

Azfan giving his first general evaluation. His evaluation was impressive. He has such a nice presence and pays close attention to detail. He speaks with great accuracy, and what he says is very insightful and relevant, there’s, no B.S.! Well done sir!



Guys! The instructions for viewing this picture are the same as Alex’s picture. Please refer to the instructions of Alex’s picture of the same meeting. Ok, I assume that you responsibly followed the instructions… Now, you can look at Rachid’s lips. Rachid was kind and gentle enough to whistle “Oh Canada” to ALL of us! Thanks Rachid. The melody is still stuck in my lucky neuronic mass 😛 😛


Alireza is making his way in for table topics! Here he’s shaking Angela’s hand. Or was it Angela that was shaking his hand?? I can;t remember… who was shaking who’s??? Did they start co-shaking at the same time?? Please don’t let me hang in there without an answer, it’s very frustrating! Can anybody remember?


After shaking Angela’s hand or her shaking his hand, Alireza chose to place BOTH hands on his chest! Yea… Why not…



Alireza is pulling a gun from behind!



Faranak giving her CC10! Congratulations! Looking in shape!


Mick toasting!


A bunch of carbon atoms self-assembled, I guess, or assembled through human intervention…


In this picture, to maintain the cluster of carbon atoms in position, the atoms that constitute what a random human being, once upon a time, decided to call “fingers”, are exerting a strange repulsive force upon the cluster, which roughly, when reorganized differently and in a much bigger quantity, constitutes 18.5% of Faranak’s total body mass. I love toastmasters! It’s educational 😀


Rosalia winning the prize for the best table topics evaluation!


Alain! Our toastmasters! I love it!



Dumindra winning the best speech prize!



Sapan evaluating Dumindra’s speech!


George winning the best speech evaluation prize!