Meeting # 731

What an amazing evening we had! The room was packed with guests and members, the atmosphere was highly energetic and friendly as usual, and the table topics section was a rule breaker! It was very entertaining to see three people having a very heated impromptu conversation! McGill Toastmasters is the event to attend if you want to: Improve your public speaking, make new friends, and have a unique experience.

Here are some pictures.







Cheryl and Nadal dancing after the meeting. Love it!


Alain our chairperson! The club is blessed to have him both as a member and as the current president.


Rosina giving her tip of the day! Very usefulĀ public speaking tip, and her delivery was clear, smooth, and pleasant! It’s easy to follow her.

McGill Toastmasters Montreal Public Speaking communication skills leadership

Sarah showing us two pictures of paintings that Vincent painted over a century ago. Vincent is one of my favourite artists, along with Rembrandt and many others.



Kate was evaluating Rosalia’s impromptu dialogs! We love it when Kate speaks.



Dave our toastmaster telling us that he likes to wear his glasses because they make him look smart. I agree with that :P. Maybe I should wear fake glasses too! I once wore the glasses of a dear friend of mine (she knows who she is šŸ˜‰ ), and her glassesĀ made me look like a sneaky, mean, and borderline evil grandmother! So no intellectual looks for me it seems… That’s ok though, I consider myself smart enough šŸ˜›


Inas evaluating a table topic participant!



Elijah inviting Dave for a romantic and intimate dance after the meeting šŸ˜›



My man!


Rosalia winning the best table topics award! She is amazing! She can put on a very funny and lively show all by herself!



Rachid, the selfish, narcissistic kid, selfishly telling us to toast for him! Hehe. No, he actually had a point. His message was that we always toast for others and we forget about ourselves, which is true, so we toasted to celebrate the self! I like the idea!



Rosalia was smahsing it yesterday evening!! Here she is, receiving yet another award! This time for the best speech evaluation! You should come back!


Nadal TWERKINGGGG! Milley Cirus? Your twerks are no match to Nadal’s!



Marianna evaluating a table topic speech!



Nadal’s table topics! A very unusual one. Ā He asked for three peopleĀ to come to the centre, then choose one emotion each that they will have to embody, and start a conversation. Great idea and the trio was amazing and each person was complementary to the next!


Kate winning the best table topics evaluation.




Marna winning the best speech award!


Raja interviewing Alireza. I need high heels, I guess…



Angela in her G style! Gangster style! I donno why but she reminds me of one of my favourite rappers: Ice-T!



Aymen evaluating Angela’s speech!


Irina our general evaluator! She gaveĀ a very goodĀ evaluation!


Marna presenting her speech. It was very informative, engaging, and inspiring!



Willem’s shoes (left). Again. They’re becoming a thing… they’re in now in the picture album of almost every meeting. This time Willem wasn’t wearing his old but stylish NB. Still, these look ok.



Rosalia evaluating Marna’s speech. It’s the first time I see Rosalia in action. She’s so colorful, insightful, funny, quick, I hope she’ll be able to make it regularly again!


Azfan our grammarian. Always clear, precise, to the point!