Meeting # 736

Canned heat! This is how we felt last Tuesday at McGill Toastmasters. It was an over-full house, we were canned but liked it! It was a party my friends. Great speeches, amazing people, energizing vibes, all you need to feel good!  If you haven’t come lately I highly suggest you do join us next week or so.
Here are a few pictures:

McGill toastmasters, toastmasters, montreal, communication skills
First timers! It warms one’s heart

Wow! Superstar Alex receiving her best prepared speech award. She delivered a killer speech (delightful, entertaining, and with a few subtle and clever punchlines…) And btw she told me she didn’t even come prepared, lol.

Louise Veronique giving her joke!

Not bad for personal shoes, I’d say… Still, I prefer Willem’s, but I didn;t get the chance to take a picture of them, so I took a picture of mine.