Christmas/Holiday party 2016

What an amazing Christmas/Holiday Party we had yesterday! Nobody knows how to socialize and party better than the members of McGill Toastmasters. We had performers, singers, musicians, and dancers (all of them being members of the club and friends). The food was great, the atmosphere was great, and most importantly, it’s the company of our beloved club members that makes all the difference :)
Thank you to all of you who came yesterday evening! A big and special thank to Cheryl Williams, Rosina Felice, and Willem Lebegge, who organized the whole party, as well as the people who volunteered to help the day of the event.

Here are some pictures. More to come!

Elaji and Cheryl :). It’s a cute picture :)

Yea! Cheryl is leading the masses, people!! She has this hidden/natural ability.

Euhhh… Sasha? What are you staring at?

There we go! That’s better!

This was a very nice tango!

An overview of the crowd, listening to Sarah playing the mandolin!

Sarah playing a few songs on her mandolin. Not many people know this, but Sarah is multitalented. She’s a musician, an artist, and a dentist.

Hey!!! Mister Vitaly screaming at us! Vitaly was our MC 😉 , what a treat!

I loved this Chinese choir! It felt really good to listen to these beautiful ladies, singing in a language that’s so foreign to most of us… Sometimes you can feel a kind of warmth, and a  connection with the whole planet, in a small and simple setting :)

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ave, you kind of look like Clark/Superman (on vacation). Elijah, you look like a naughty techie/hacker. I like being webmaster sometimes :D.