Meeting #720





Very nice evening! A few last minute changes happened in the agenda, but that doesn’t stop a McGill Toastmasters member to rise up to the occasion and take the challenge of accepting a role for the evening! And that’s part of the learning process.
If you’re interested in building your confidence to speak in public, and in becoming friends with amazing people, I suggest you consider the McGill Toastmasters club.

McGill Toastmasters - Willem

Here’s Angela shaking the hand of Willem! Willem was the best table topics (improvisations) evaluator. Even though he looks very humble in the picture, do not underestimate his fun and very astute evaluations! Go Willem!



McGill Toastmasters (Montreal) - Angela

Bonnie was winner for the best prepared speech evaluation! Good job Bonnie! Always a pleasure listening to your valuable advice.


McGill toastmasters - Yvon

And finally, The Unstoppable one! Yvon winning the best prepared speech award. Yvon, you’re on fire!

2 Responses to Meeting #720

  1. angelahe says:

    Excellent job, Raja, not only because I was in each one of the photos (well, it is good for me ego of course) but mostly because of your witty comments. You captured really Well the essence of the meeting. Well done as our Webmaster. You are the Master!

  2. Raja Chemali says:

    Thanks Angela for the nice feedback! I appreciate it. You are one of the pillars of McGill Toastmasters and we are your students.

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