New Member Primer

Here’s the application form to fill to become a member:
McGill Toastmasters Club Membership Application Form


So you just joined our club? Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step to becoming a better communicator and leader. To get the most out of our club there are a few things you should do. The following steps will get you off to the perfect start.

Register on the website

Your first step should be to register on the website, to do that, you would need to ask our VP membership to register you. Once registered you will be able to see other member profiles, add meeting minutes, and see your own speech video and role history.

Create your profile

Members have online biographies which can be referred to when preparing introductions. You can create your own biography once you have received your login information by going to your profile and filling in all your details. You can use the “About Me” box on the main profile page for basic biographical information and the extra information boxes in the “Your Extended Profile” page. Don’t forget to add your phone number while you’re there. If you wish you can also upload a photo to be displayed on your profile page.

All of the information you enter in your profile will be displayed on your profile page on the main site. Profile pages are only visible to logged in members.

Sign up for the mailing list

Our club has an email mailing list which we use to keep members informed of club news as well as weekly agendas. It is a low volume list; expect to receive less than 1 email per day. To subscribe to the list, send an email to containing the command:

SUBSCRIBE toastmasters

(put the command in BOTH the subject line AND the body) When you subscribe to the list you will receive an email which looks very boring with lots of stuff to read. You don’t have to read it all straight away, but DO NOT throw the email away, it will come in useful.

Prepare for your ice breaker

The first prepared speech you will perform is the Ice Breaker. This is a 4 to 6 minute speech all about yourself. What could be easier?? You should start preparing for your ice breaker now. Decide what you want to talk about, put together an outline, speak to your mentor if you have questions. Remember, this speech will help us get to know you, so make it your own.

After your ice breaker

So you performed your ice breaker? You’re probably feeling relieved and happy that you got past that hurdle in one piece. Maybe you’re elated by all that good feedback you got. If the secretary for the meeting has entered the minutes, your speech will show up in your member profile on the website. Your speech history has begun!

Adding Minutes after performing the secretary role at a meeting

You can add minutes only while you are logged into the McGill Toastmasters web site. Once logged in, under the site administration section of the web site, you’ll see “Toastmasters” in one of the tabs and if you select Toastmasters, you’ll see “Add minutes”. Simply enter the information in the form and select publish at the end of the page once you have entered all the data. If you made a mistake or missed something, it is not the end of the world, just email the executives and we will modify it for you.

Viewing your own speech video

At McGill Toastmasters, you get videotaped when you give a speech. With a 80% rate of successful taping, you can have access to most of your videos online. But only if you are a member and have your login information. Once logged into your account, visit the “Speeches” category and you’ll find all the instructions to view your video. This is a member only access because we feel that videos are private and should not be allowed access by anybody.

If you wish you can also post the content of your speech on the website by logging in and writing a post in the Speeches category. You can make this post only available to members if you wish by selecting “Contributor” in the Access by role box.