Useful info for prospective members!

Hi prospective members!

So you’ve been wondering how a typical Toastmasters meeting is ran?
Here’s how it goes.
The meetings start at 17h45 every Tuesday.

The first part of the meeting consists of four short roles taken by four people, who speak briefly in front of the audience.
These roles are 1 to 2 minutes long. They are:
1- Moment of reflection: a member reflects over a topic, an important event, etc…
2- Moment of humour: a member shares a joke with the audience
3- Public speaking tip: a member shares a public speaking tip that can help everybody improve
4- Toast: a member gives a toast

After the short roles, comes the improvised speeches. We call them “table topics”.
This is a challenging yet fun part of the meeting. Three questions are asked (they’re usually fun and interesting), and three random people are invited to answer these questions on the spot, without any preparation. Adrenaline shoots to the roof here! There’s a lot of laughter too! Table topics are a great way to challenge your creativity and to become a pro at impromptu speeches!

At 18h30 we take a 10 minutes break during which people socialize and enjoy free goodies (juice, cookies, coffee, etc…).

The second part of the meeting consists of three prepared speeches.
In this part, three people deliver a 5 to 7 min speech.  These speeches are prepared in advance (usually days or weeks in advance).

The third and last part of the meeting is the evaluations part.
Three people evaluate the three speakers by saying what they did well, what they can improve for next time, and give an overall evaluation of the speeches. This is a valuable part since we all are interested in getting feedback and improving.

The meeting ends at 20h. People socialize right after, and everybody feels energized to SMASH the rest of their week!

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